Anke Herbert

  • Horse training under saddle using the training scale in FEI guidelines.

Anke Herbert originally from Belgium holds the German Pferdewirtsschaftsmeister license and has worked in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy for the Theodorescu family, Ilsebill Becher and Vincenzo Truppa.


She groomed for Monica Theodorescu, who is now the team trainer for the German Olympic squad at Seoul and Hong Kong Olympics.  Mondorf European Championships and Stockholm World Championships.


In 2007 Anke moved with her husband to the bay area where she established a training business, which extends to holding clinics in California, Indiana, Illinois and New York.  Anke is now available for training a select number of horses at Cottonwood Farm in Las Vegas.  Anke is a strong believer of cross training.  Her Philosophy is; Trust and a Happy Horse.  "Success should never be thought of a destination, it should be developed as a habit ".  Ian Francis

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