Lisa Buck

  • National track clinician

  • board member in oppendorf

"My coaching career started in 2010 when I became the Co-Coach of a young canter team. I coached them till 2013 from where I started coaching and lunging another vaulting team of our club which
coach retired. From 2014 till today I coach this team and was able to move them into the second highest level in Germany. Every year new vaulters attended our team and had to improve their skills from lower levels up to our level to be able to compete in our class. More than 18 vaulters competed in my team till now until they retired. We also attended some clinics, one of them with Thomas Brüsewitz. Since 2014 we were able to compete on every Regional championship in our level as well as on the Regionals of the Junior level since all vaulters were under 18 years old till 2018. In 2015 we also competed at the German Championships of our vaulting level. In the vaulting season 2016/2017 we got a new vaulting horse which we trained. Every vaulting season I created a new freestyle with the team
and was also responsible for performance and artistic. In the upcoming season I’ll withdraw a little from the team due to my studies, but I’ll support them every single second they need me.

Next to my vaulting team I coached some individual vaulters and we also participated in regional competitions. Additionally, I support the vaulting team I used to vault in. I help to coach or lunge them
when their coach is not available. Of course, I also support them and other teams of our club at competitions as Regionals, Nationals or qualifying competitions.

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