Nienke de Wolff

  • Vaulting horse trainer

  • Owner of De wolff Vaulting Horses

"DWV originated in June 2016.  Nienke taught, mediated in sales and sometimes gave clinics. For that she had to register at the Chamber of Commerce and a name had to be created, that simply became 'DeWolff Vaultinghorses'. Back then it was a 'hobby' of a few hours a week. It has since become a hobby that got out of hand, the company has developed into a renowned international stable. Clients and students come from all over the world to compete and test horses. Horses are exported both within Europe, but a large number also cross the sea to the United States and Mexico.


The company focuses primarily on preparing horses for the sport of VT, both for recreational sport and for top sport. In addition, DWV advises customers on buying and / or selling and can mediate in this if required.


DWV is also a home base for a number of volunteers. Lessons are given to beginners but also to international volunteers who come from both home and abroad. For foreign students it is possible to stay internally in the apartment at the stables.

In addition, many clinics are given, for both lunging and spotting, and advice is given on horse management and the training of identifying prospect vaulting horses."


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